Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank you Video for Ms F

The Digikidz worked with Mrs P and Mrs J to make a video to say thank you to Ms F for all the work with the Digikidz this year.

Monday, June 21, 2010

KCS and MK

We asked questions to each other with the easi-speak. Then we took photos with the camera. We add the images and the audio into voicethread.

LMcC and CA

We worked together to ask questions. I asked LMcC about what happened at the sharing session to see what happened because I wasn't there.

CB and HA

HA interviewed CB about what she did at the sharing session on Wednesday.

PM and BC

We interviewed each other and then we uploaded from the easi-speak.

AL and JD

I interviewed AL about Wednesday.

Digikidz Sharing Session by KND, GV and LW

We took turns interviewing each other about the Digikidz sharing session and then added them to a voicethread so we could practise using the digital camera, easi-speaks and have a turn with voicethread.
WALT: Interview a friend about the Digikidz sharing session last week.
WILF: Ask at least 3 questions, practise interviewing before recording with the equipment, use the equipment effectively (clear speaking voice with medium speed and volume; no blurry photos), work with a friend from a different Pod.