Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Questions for Room 12 Kids @ Pt England

We have 3 more questions for you to answer please. We liked your comments using video and so we decided to ask our questions using video too. We haven't had a lot of practise doing this yet so we thought about what we wanted to ask, wrote it down and practised before we recorded. We did need to have our questions written down to help us when we were recording. Next time we might feel more confident to do it without the paper! Please do some more videos to answer our questions, we will visit your blog again soon to see what you have to say. Thanks!

Comments for Room 12 You've got the Write Stuff Kids

Hi Everyone

We are two of the Year 2 Digikidz that work with Ms F. We had fun looking at all your neat work on your blog this morning and we have recorded a couple of comments for you using the Easi-Speak because it's quicker for us to say what we think than it is for us to type our ideas and we didn't have a lot of time this morning!

Here are our audio comments:

From KND

From EK

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tahuna Torea Trip

On Monday the children from Year 0/1 and 2 and their teachers went to Tahuna Torea for a bush walk. They saw lots of native fauna and flora and came back knowing much more about birds and trees especially.

We create a word bank of everything we saw at http://www.wordle.net/:

Ms F worked with some Pod 1 and 2 children to draw leaves and flowers from some of the native trees. Some work is still being finished because the children are finding out some information about the tree they chose to draw and then they will make up a class slideshow in Kid Pix to share their learning with others. Here are some of our drawings. Can you identify the native flora - Titoki, Kawakawa, Pohutukawa and Silver fern?

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Tahuna Torea
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pod 2 Digikidz using Kid Pix

We had fun on Wednesday this week drawing pictures of leaves from native trees. Then we found out some facts using a non fiction book and added these to our pictures using the audio tool. But we had the same problem as the Pod 1 Digikidz where all the sound didn't record. Ms F is going to do a Google search to see if she can find out why because we had some really great information and we wanted to share it all!

Pod 1 Digikidz using Kid Pix

It was our turn to have a go at Kid Pix for the first time this week. The Digikidz from rooms 3 and 8 had a turn on Monday and the Digikidz from rooms 1 and 2 had a turn on Wednesday. We created 'me' pictures using the drawing tools and we found it quite hard drawing with the mouse so some of us used the circle and rectangle tools. We were quick to learn how to use the paint bucket tool. Ms F worked with us to add some more information to our pictures using the microphone. We really liked hearing our voices. But when we put the pictures together to make a slideshow some of the sound was missing. Ms F thinks we may need to only have one sentence for each picture. Do you have any advice for us? We will try again next week and it would be great to know why that happened!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our first go at Kid Pix - Creating our own content.

5 of the Pod 2 Digikidz worked with Ms F today. We worked really hard to draw a self-portrait in Kid Pix. We found it really tricky because of a few things: we were new to using Kid Pix, some of us had a really fast mouse, some of us were drawing using a touch pad on the laptop. We practised using the circle tool, the fill tool, the drawing tool and really liked the pencil for drawing lines and the crayon for doing our hair. Then we used the text tool to type a sentence. Ms F had to help us save our work into our folders. All our pictures are different. Who's work do you like and why?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Helping out in Pod 3

AL and PM were super Digikidz today. Ms F quickly checked what we knew about Sounds Great and it was a lot!

Then we helped teach some Pod 3 boys what to do! That was fun and made us feel proud of ourselves. We were so confident we were happy to show Mrs L what to do too!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Digikidz working with their buddies

We worked with a friend today to help them make a photostory. Ms F interviewed us to see if we felt ready to do this before we started! We decided we were happy to help a friend!

Here is AL helping BC record his narration to describe his photos. It looks like they're having fun! Here are PM and JB working together. JB is watching while PM shows him what to do.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Photostories

We thought of ideas about things to do at the weekend and made a wordle of our ideas.
Wordle: Weekend
Then we practised taking good photos and made some photostories with our Digikid buddy.
WALT: Take clear photos.
WILF: No blurry photos, Camera held still with 2 hands, Wearing the lanyard to stop the camera being dropped.
We also tried to add music, transitions, audio narration and different coloured fonts to make our videos interesting. What do you think?

By KND and EK

By HO and CA

By PM and AL

By KCS and GV