Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Using the Thinking Hats to Discuss the Eyjafjallajokull Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

This afternoon the two of the Pod 2 Digikidz, KCS and GV worked with Ms F and the Pod 1 Digikidz to do some thinking about the volcanic eruption in Iceland. We watched a video from youtube showing some of the action from the eruption:

Then we looked at the thinking hats and decided the red, black and green hats were the best ones for us to use today. We are learning to use voicethread so we practised recording our ideas with this WILF: feelings about this situation, negative points about the situation and ideas about what people can do to try and solve the problem. We looked at some photos by Martin Rietze and we uploaded these to voicethread then recorded our ideas:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pod 1 Digikidz upskilling to use Voicethread

A couple of us got a bit confused today using voicethread and we used the wrong identity to do our recording! We will be careful next time to click on our picture. Can you think of a way we could be reminded next time?

Pod 1 Digikidz using Voicethread

The Pod 1 Digikidz worked with Ms F this morning. We were very busy! We made some pictures in Kid Pix to show something we did in the holidays and then we uploaded them to voicethread and recorded some audio to retell our holiday experience. We all had a practise speaking using the easi-speak and then played the audio back to see if we were ready to record using the headset into voicethread.
WALT: Orally recount a holiday experience adding more detail.
WILF: Clear speaking, moderate volume and speed, confident speaking.
LMC talked to Ms F about what he had to do before he recorded into voicethread. Do you think it helped him to remember everything he had to do well?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Learning about Voicethread and Vocaroo

The Pod 2 Digikidz worked with Ms F this afternoon to learn how to use an online audio recording tool. Some of us used vocaroo and some of us used voicethread. We all practised our talking using the easi-speak to make sure we were doing out very best work.

WALT: Re-tell something that happened during the school holidays.
WILF: Using who, what and where; Speaking clearly and with moderate speed and volume.
Have a listen to our final talks, what do you think? Have we met the success criteria? Do you prefer voicethread where there is a photo to go with the talking or vocaroo which is talking only but very easy to use?

Here is EK telling us about her holidays:

Here is HA:

My holiday by CA:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creating a Kid Pix Slideshow

We have had a lot of difficulty sharing the Kid Pix slideshows we have created as exporting to Quicktime movies hasn't worked for us! Instead Ms F imported our Kid Pix pictures into Photostory and then recorded the audio.
What do you think about our work? Please give us some feedback about what we were learning to do -
WALT: Draw a picture of native NZ flora in Kid Pix and record some information that we learned during our trip to Tahuna Torea or from non-fiction books.
WILF: Correct shape of the leaves and flowers. Correct colours of leaves and flowers. Clear, nicely paced speaking to share correct facts about the flora.