Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Using the Thinking Hats to Discuss the Eyjafjallajokull Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

This afternoon the two of the Pod 2 Digikidz, KCS and GV worked with Ms F and the Pod 1 Digikidz to do some thinking about the volcanic eruption in Iceland. We watched a video from youtube showing some of the action from the eruption:

Then we looked at the thinking hats and decided the red, black and green hats were the best ones for us to use today. We are learning to use voicethread so we practised recording our ideas with this WILF: feelings about this situation, negative points about the situation and ideas about what people can do to try and solve the problem. We looked at some photos by Martin Rietze and we uploaded these to voicethread then recorded our ideas:


  1. we have learnt about volcanoes as well
    From Julia
    LC 5 Palmerston North

  2. We liked how you used a clear voice to speak about volcanoes and we learnt some new facts from you.
    From LC 5

  3. I liked your good talking. LMC and NA