Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creating a Kid Pix Slideshow

We have had a lot of difficulty sharing the Kid Pix slideshows we have created as exporting to Quicktime movies hasn't worked for us! Instead Ms F imported our Kid Pix pictures into Photostory and then recorded the audio.
What do you think about our work? Please give us some feedback about what we were learning to do -
WALT: Draw a picture of native NZ flora in Kid Pix and record some information that we learned during our trip to Tahuna Torea or from non-fiction books.
WILF: Correct shape of the leaves and flowers. Correct colours of leaves and flowers. Clear, nicely paced speaking to share correct facts about the flora.


  1. I always think kids drawings in Kid Pix are fabulous as long as they have created them from scratch and not used the stamps, stickers etc. I know these kids have only just started using Kid Pix so these are especially fantastic! I just can't believe how many problems you had with Kid Pix trying to do simple things like export as jpg or quicktime. Photostory had the advantage of being able to record longer audio clips but overall it would have been much less stress if Kid Pix was working properly! You get top points for perseverance!

  2. Your drawings are fabulous and very like the real thing. I loved your lovely clear voices and the information you shared too!

  3. HI DIGIKIDZ awesome drawing and nice work on your speaking.From Jorja By!