Monday, April 19, 2010

Learning about Voicethread and Vocaroo

The Pod 2 Digikidz worked with Ms F this afternoon to learn how to use an online audio recording tool. Some of us used vocaroo and some of us used voicethread. We all practised our talking using the easi-speak to make sure we were doing out very best work.

WALT: Re-tell something that happened during the school holidays.
WILF: Using who, what and where; Speaking clearly and with moderate speed and volume.
Have a listen to our final talks, what do you think? Have we met the success criteria? Do you prefer voicethread where there is a photo to go with the talking or vocaroo which is talking only but very easy to use?

Here is EK telling us about her holidays:

Here is HA:

My holiday by CA:

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