Monday, June 21, 2010

KCS and MK

We asked questions to each other with the easi-speak. Then we took photos with the camera. We add the images and the audio into voicethread.

LMcC and CA

We worked together to ask questions. I asked LMcC about what happened at the sharing session to see what happened because I wasn't there.

CB and HA

HA interviewed CB about what she did at the sharing session on Wednesday.

PM and BC

We interviewed each other and then we uploaded from the easi-speak.

AL and JD

I interviewed AL about Wednesday.

Digikidz Sharing Session by KND, GV and LW

We took turns interviewing each other about the Digikidz sharing session and then added them to a voicethread so we could practise using the digital camera, easi-speaks and have a turn with voicethread.
WALT: Interview a friend about the Digikidz sharing session last week.
WILF: Ask at least 3 questions, practise interviewing before recording with the equipment, use the equipment effectively (clear speaking voice with medium speed and volume; no blurry photos), work with a friend from a different Pod.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Group from Room 8 learning to Create Kid Pix Animations

Room 8 don't have their own class blog so we are sharing their work on the Digikidz blog as two of the Pod 1 Digikidz, JD and LMcC, were in the group as well.  WALT: Create a Kiwiana Kid Pix animation and WILF: Simple idea, 4 or 5 pictures, pictures saved in My Documents, Kiwiana theme.  The children are very quickly becoming Kid Pix experts and are much more confident using Mr Oops when they make mistakes.

Can you identify the Kiwiana theme in each animation?  Do you think each one meets the WILF?

Monday, June 14, 2010

KND helping JW and SMcL with Animation

This morning Ms F worked with the room 4 children on animation.  WALT: Create an animation in Kid Pix and the WILF: Each picture saved into My Documents; Each picture saved with a number at the end (1, 2, 3, 4 etc); Kiwiana theme; Simple picture.

It was the first time the group had created animations in Kid Pix and it was quite busy because there was only KND, Ms F and Mrs M to help the children.  Next time Ms F thinks we should have more Digikidz to help us!

Here are the finished animations.  Can you tell the Kiwiana theme in each one?

More Digikidz Animations

KND has finished her animation now.  She decided to show a Kingfisher swooping down and catching its prey, a tasty fish, from the river:

PM and AL created animations with traditional Kiwiana animals, can you guess what they are?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First try at Creating Animations!

This afternoon the Pod 2 Digikidz worked with Ms F to create animations in Kid Pix. We each had a different idea and we found out some were trickier to do than others! These were: melting hokey pokey ice cream, kingfisher catching a fish, rugby ball being kicked, cow eating hay, cake baking in the oven, sheep eating hay, drinking a glass of L&P.

Here are 4 finished animations by GV, KCS, CA and KA and the rest will be posted as soon as they are finished. Do you know what each animation is about? We are going to add audio next time, do you think that would make our work even better?

Some of our ideas were linked to our Kiwiana inquiry for this Term.  Can you tell which ones these are?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Creating Kid Pix Animations

This morning the Pod 2 Digikidz got together to look at some animations. We visited Team Two Tall Tales and looked at their fantastic volcano animations then Ms F showed us one she had made very quickly with just pictures. Then we shared some ideas quickly about things we could create to practise making an animation. We even suggested some ideas for Kiwiana animations linked to our current inquiry.

Word cloud made with WordItOut

Next week we will plan out our ideas and start drawing and saving the pictures.