Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pod 1 Digikidz using Kid Pix

It was our turn to have a go at Kid Pix for the first time this week. The Digikidz from rooms 3 and 8 had a turn on Monday and the Digikidz from rooms 1 and 2 had a turn on Wednesday. We created 'me' pictures using the drawing tools and we found it quite hard drawing with the mouse so some of us used the circle and rectangle tools. We were quick to learn how to use the paint bucket tool. Ms F worked with us to add some more information to our pictures using the microphone. We really liked hearing our voices. But when we put the pictures together to make a slideshow some of the sound was missing. Ms F thinks we may need to only have one sentence for each picture. Do you have any advice for us? We will try again next week and it would be great to know why that happened!

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