Monday, March 15, 2010

Our first go at Kid Pix - Creating our own content.

5 of the Pod 2 Digikidz worked with Ms F today. We worked really hard to draw a self-portrait in Kid Pix. We found it really tricky because of a few things: we were new to using Kid Pix, some of us had a really fast mouse, some of us were drawing using a touch pad on the laptop. We practised using the circle tool, the fill tool, the drawing tool and really liked the pencil for drawing lines and the crayon for doing our hair. Then we used the text tool to type a sentence. Ms F had to help us save our work into our folders. All our pictures are different. Who's work do you like and why?


  1. I could work out who had drawn each portrait without looking at the names so they must look just like you! I like the different drawing tools you chose to create your hair. Well done digikidz :o)

  2. Kia ora Digikidz,
    Great self portraits.I like how you guys drew your hair.That is a good job because your new to it.
    Tino Pai
    From Kaycee

  3. Hi digikids I loved the way you drawed your piture of you see you soon