Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tahuna Torea Trip

On Monday the children from Year 0/1 and 2 and their teachers went to Tahuna Torea for a bush walk. They saw lots of native fauna and flora and came back knowing much more about birds and trees especially.

We create a word bank of everything we saw at

Ms F worked with some Pod 1 and 2 children to draw leaves and flowers from some of the native trees. Some work is still being finished because the children are finding out some information about the tree they chose to draw and then they will make up a class slideshow in Kid Pix to share their learning with others. Here are some of our drawings. Can you identify the native flora - Titoki, Kawakawa, Pohutukawa and Silver fern?

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  1. Wow Digikids! I am so impressed by all the work you are doing already this year! I can't wait to see what else you have to share from your learning in 2010!
    Miss Signal

  2. Have been doing some snooping as well and I love your blog - you are such a smart lady. You have created an awesome blog, I love the way you just embrace everything - only 8 weeks work.