Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Helping out in Pod 3

AL and PM were super Digikidz today. Ms F quickly checked what we knew about Sounds Great and it was a lot!

Then we helped teach some Pod 3 boys what to do! That was fun and made us feel proud of ourselves. We were so confident we were happy to show Mrs L what to do too!


  1. Thanks for helping the children in pod 3 guys I was really impressed with the way that explained how sounds great works. Come and visit us again soon.

  2. Hello Digikids!I really liked how you helped the Pod 3 boys.Will you help anyone else in your school?If you do I would be so proud!I'll come back and comment you again!

    Keep up the good work Digikids!
    From Jonita at Pt England

  3. Hello Digikidz well done for teaching the children in pod3 hope you can see our blog point England