Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Photostories

We thought of ideas about things to do at the weekend and made a wordle of our ideas.
Wordle: Weekend
Then we practised taking good photos and made some photostories with our Digikid buddy.
WALT: Take clear photos.
WILF: No blurry photos, Camera held still with 2 hands, Wearing the lanyard to stop the camera being dropped.
We also tried to add music, transitions, audio narration and different coloured fonts to make our videos interesting. What do you think?

By KND and EK

By HO and CA

By PM and AL

By KCS and GV


  1. Hi Digikidz this is Rauf from the year four extension.I like your work. your videos are eteresting.Ill come on your blog more often by.from Rauf in extension

  2. HI DIGIKIDS I like how you showed me all the skatebords and the eels.Ialso like climing trees just like you.DO you like riding skateboards? I do.see you soon . JORJA

  3. Hi there Digikidz neat work I like how you said it nice and clearly. see you soon rm 12 wyatt

  4. hey digikids
    i love skateboarding but my dad ran the skateboard over
    from isara
    leav a coment on our blog