Monday, February 22, 2010

Learning about Photostory!

We did a form in Google docs to find out what we already knew about Photostory. Look at the graphs below, they show what we thought.

Next we did some practising. We took some photos of fauna and flora in our school grounds and then each Digikid worked with a friend and helped them to make a slideshow. Have a look and see what you think? We did try very hard with our spelling but we didn't get all of the words exactly right!

By AL and J. Can you tell if we took photos of fauna or flora or both?

By CA and N. Do you know the name of the bird we took a photo of? We would like to know its name.

By KND and I. Can you find the tree we named in Maori?


  1. Wow - you guys already know so much about Photostory! Awesome photos too - I like the way you have taken the shots nice and close so we can see lots of detail.

  2. Hi Digikids! You found some interesting flora and fauna around our school. I like your clear speaking voices.